Welcome to the new website! If you are here congratulations you are one step to crossing off an item on your todo list in planning your event!

We have been entertaining for over 28 years, from San Diego, Los Angeles, the bay Area, to Las Vegas, rest assured we are committed to the success of your event. 

A Service Based on Skill

With over 20 years experience in entertainment and technology, we have been able to cater to all kinds of events, from small to large. As musicians we know the value of good quality music that everyone can enjoy, not just specific to genre or personal playing style. We know and play what is appropriate, and the only way to know and “feel” a crowd is through only the years of experience we have had in the music entertainment industry. We perform the minute we pick up the microphone, and we entertain as we get the audience and guests to participate from simple line dances to different popular music styles that cross all genre’s  and age groups.

A service based on Quality

We know what it takes to plan an event, and to invest in everything from what’s being served, to how you decorate for theme. We provide the atmosphere using the latest in lighting and digital sound technology. Our “show” starts when people walk through the door. They would be greeted with dinner music playing softly in the background, enough for people to talk over. Our systems are compact and discreet as to not upstage a wedding couple, decor, or centerpiece attraction. We believe the DJ shouldn’t be noticed until the lights go down and the music starts.

A Service Based on Trust

We have been in this business for over 28 years. Up until now our business has been word of mouth because of the trust and relationships we have built over the years with repeat clients, family, and friends. Why would you trust your wedding or event to someone who may not be confident in themselves, or a business that does not have testimonials or referrals from past clients and industry related professionals? You come to us with a vision, we do all the rest to meet or exceed your expectations. This website and all of our marketing materials are in response to the growing demands of industry tested professionals. We want to add value and quality to the industry, and we have earned the trust from couples to corporate clients to change it.